Domain Registration in Pakistan

Pakistan Domain Registration

PK Domain is providing fast .com .pk Pakistan domain registration services. If you are looking for a domain registrar in Pakistan to register a domain name in any available extension in cheap prices then without any single thought is the best choice. As this company can provide you domain names in both local and international tlds at comparatively very low cost. If you do not find any domain extension in our domain search bar, then you can call us or email us to suggest your required domain extension too. We have only mentioned most famous domain extensions on our website, but it does not mean that we do not deal in other new or special domain tlds. From our company you can register your required domain on your name, and we have very good policy for our clients. All the domains, especially .com, .net, .org and .info domains are registered on clients names, and clients are requested to provide the correct email account, phone number, and double check your domain name before submitting the order, because once a domain is registered it cannot be reversed. We are providing fast domain registration in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sialkot and all across the Pakistan. We also serve international clients with domain registration and web hosting in Pakistan services. We have very friendly and easy domain transfer policy. So you can transfer your .com domain any time if you want. If addition of all this we are providing fast DNS and domain zone management services to our clients.

Domain Registration in Pakistan

PK Domain offers .COM Domain Name Registration in Pakistan in just PKR. 1549 /1st Year.

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Cheap Domain Name Registration Prices in Pakistan

We are offering best prices for all kind of domains. You can buy local Pakistani as well as international domains from our company at cheapest prices in the market. Contact us today to buy Cheap .COM .PK Domain Registration services from top .PK registrar. We are working in Pakistan since more than a decade and are successfully managing the domains for local as well as international clients. Our company is one of the most trusted and reliable in Domain registration industry for our top quality services.

Name tld Intended Use Validity Period Whois Protection Price Renewal Order 5+ Details


General Business, or Individual 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


General Business, or Individual 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


Commercial entities (worldwide) 1 Year Premium Rs. 1549 Rs. 1549 Rs. 1549 View


Network infrastructure 1 Year Premium Rs. 1849 Rs. 1849 Rs. 1849 View


Miscellaneous organizations 1 Year Premium Rs. 1849 Rs. 1849 Rs. 1849 View


Businesses 1 Year Premium Rs. 2050 Rs. 2050 Rs. 2050 View


Informational sites 1 Year Premium Rs. 1449 Rs. 1449 Rs. 1449 View


Network Related Business 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


Non-profit Organizations 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


Registered Educational Institutes 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2900 Rs. 2900 Rs. 2900 View


Websites 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


General Business, Promotional 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


Family and Individuals 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2149 View


For Government of Pakistan 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2149 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


For Government of Punjab 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


For Government of Sindh 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


For Government of Baluchistan 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


For Government of Karachi 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


For Government of KPK 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View


Government of Gilgit Baltistan 2 Years PKNIC Default Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 View

Buy Domain in Pakistan

Buy domain in Pakistan from Pakistan's number 1 domain registration company and give your business an online name today and . We deal in all local and international top level country code domain names. Our prices and services quality has no match in the market. We are serving our clients since more than a decade. So purchase your favorite generic top level domain today from at low prices. We are one of the leading Pk domain registration company in Pakistan, who is serving thousands of active clients with quality services and effective technical support. So order your domain today.

Domain Registration Pakistan is one of the leading company in Pakistan, which is providing quality services of PK domain name registration in Pakistan at cheapest rates. We are working in the market since more than a decade so we have expert staff and perfect technical support which can help you regarding choosing a best domain name for your business. If you are new to websites, and have little or no knowledge about how to buy a domain and how to setup Domain Name Servers etc then too you can take guidance from our support team which is dedicated to serve the clients till they get fully satisfied and their issues get resolved. We deal in Top Country Code domain name which is .Pk and all other secondary level PK domain extensions which are,,,,,,,,,,, and In these domains some domain extensions are open to everyone and anyone can purchased them and build their company or business website on it, while some are reserved for educational institutes and others are reserved for the official usage of government departments, organizations and institutions. We being reseller of PKNIC can provide you all the .Pk domains at cheap prices. The best thing about our company is we dont charge renewal prices high, as compared to rest of the companies who charge double and triple renewal fees when you ask them to renew your domain. All PK Domain extensions are registered for a minimum period of 2 years. It cannot be registered for one year. You can contact us from any part of the country to register your pk domain today at cheap prices. We you have any questions or if you do not know how to register a domain in Pakistan and want to take our services related to Domain Registration in Pakistan then feel free to contact us, our support and sales team will assist you in all matters related to domain registration.

What if Same domain name is ordered by two persons at the same time. In such a case our policy is very clear cut. We are providing our domain name registration services to the Pakistani and international customers on a first come first served basis. So if we receive two requests from two different persons for a single domain name. Then we will provide the domain name registration services to the first person who has requested us earlier to register that specific domain name.

How to Pay for the the Domain?

The payment method is very easy. You can send us charges of our products and services via bank transfer or by other easily accessible means like, EasyPaisa, Western Union etc. So if you are facing any problem or having any questions in mind regarding how to send us your payment and get your favorite domain name registered as soon as possible. Then you can contact us, and we will guide you with the best method of payment available to you. It depends all on your resources if you have bank account you can even transfer domain registration fee online in a second and in the second case you may have to visit the nearby EasyPaisa shop to send us the funds. Contact us at if you are need any further information regarding payment method.

Domain Registration Pakistan

What is a Domain Name

Domain name commenly refers to Domain Name System or DNS which is a system which gives addresses to web pages and web servers. We can understand it with the example of International Phone Numbers which point to different locations in the countries, similarly a domain name system gives a server a memorable and easy to spell address. Servers have their names in the form of very technical IP addresses, in which mostly internet viewers are not interested to remember, so domain name system hides the complicated ip addresses of servers at which the files, folders and website stuff is located. In simple words we can say a Domain name is an address, by following it we can reach at the destination, which is promised by the domain name. So while taking a domain name it should be kept in mind that, it should be small and easy to remember. A domain name is made of three parts and it’s structure looks like something www.mysite.extension. It is mysite represents the domain name we have chosed, and www is the open source url identifier and the estension represents to which registrar you have attached your domain name. For example most commonly used domain extensions are .com, .net, org, and .info etc. Anyone from any part of the world can access the content on the website by entering your selected domain name, on which you have created your website. Your domain name is a unique name, and it can only be used by one person or company. After expiry the domain names become available to the general public again and anyone can register it. In case of generic domains (gTLDs) there are not any restrictions you can register them from any part of the world. You can create informational, company, portfolio, NGOs, eCommerce, educational, sports, technology, ehow etc any kind of website by using generi domain name. There are not any strict terms and conditions associated with generic domains. In case of country code domains like,, .us,, .uae there are some restrictions imposed by the each country’s registrar on proper usage of the domain name. All the privacy restrictions must be followed in accordance with the country rules, to use these country code domains.