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PK Domain Name

We are providing cheap .pk domain name registration since more than twelve years, and have large number of clients in almost all major cities of Pakistan. Most of the brands, almost all official websites of Government and NGOs, educational institutes and local companies are using this country code top level domain for their websites. All international brands are also shifting to local domain extensions of each country to target the local internet audience of those countries. If you have not already registered your desired domain name in .pk then we suggest you register it as soon as possible. If currently you are using a domain in .com, and dont want to shift it to .pk, then too we advise you to secure your brand name purchase your company or business name in .pk ccTLD. The process to register is very simple, search your name with specific .pk extension in below search bar, complete the steps and proceed the order. Our sales representative will be in your contact once we receive your order, after confirmation of your order, your domain will be registered quickly. We also provide cheap renewal and transfer to those clients who have not registered domains with our company. So it does not matter if you have purchased your domain from any other company you can still get benefit of cheap renewal from our company. If you are not happy with your current registrar then you can transfer your name to our company and enjoy hassle free domain hosting services. We have large number of happy satisfied clients, clients satisfaction is our top most priority.

.PK Domain

Register your Domain Name in .PK Extension in just PKR. 2250 /2 Years.

Give your Business a Name Online in .PK Extension

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.PK Domain Prices

Domain ExtensionRegistration PriceRenewalTransferValidity PeriodIntended Use
.COM 1289 1289 1289 1 Year Commercial entities (worldwide)
.NET 1289 1289 1289 1 Year Network infrastructure
.ORG 1289 1289 1289 1 Year Miscellaneous organizations
.BIZ 1289 1289 1289 1 Year Businesses
.INFO 1289 1289 1289 1 Year Informational sites
.PK 1999 1999 1999 2 Years General Business, or Individual
.COM.PK 1999 1999 1999 2 Years General Business, or Individual
.EDU.PK 2499 2499 2499 2 Years Registered Educational Institutes
.GOV.PK 2499 2499 2499 2 Years For Government of Pakistan
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Get a .PK Website Name

If you live in Pakistan and new to websites, then let us tell you that .PK is Pakistan's top level country code domain. Each country has it's own ccTLD so in case of Pakistan .PK is designed for Pakistani nationals. It is most widely used domain name in Pakistan and can be bought at cheap prices from company. We are one of the leading Domain registrar in Pakistan. If you are a doctor, engineer, student, web designer, developer, lecturer, freelancer, blogger or computer scientist, you can use Domain for any kind of online business presence. Minimum period for registration of Domain is two years and maximum you can register it for ten years.

Register Domain .PK

If you are a national of Pakistan and have Computerized National Identity Card then you can own any number of domains. .PK is your best choice if you want to target the Pakistani internet market. You can use this TLD for Business, Commercial, Education, Blogging and Informative web appearances. Indeed .PK name can be used for any type of website, only the limit is your imagination. You can create a website of your brand, hotel, product or anything you like. It is very easy to register your favorite domain in PK extension, just find the domain name of your choice from above search bar and let us know, and we will do the registration task for you and your website will be online quickly. If you have any confusion or need any assistance regarding choosing or registering a domain name then you can contact us. Our staff is very friendly and professional at the same time and we will guide you to the best possibilities according to your choice and interest.

What is Eligibility Criteria to Register a Domain in .Pk Extension?

Anyone who is a Pakistani national can register domain name in .pk extension. Every pk extension has different requirements, for example you cannot register a domain in if you do not have a register educational institute. But a domain name in .pk extension can be registered on providing CNIC copy, your name, email, address, company name and signature. If you are not a Pakistani resident and want to register a .PK Name then contact us, we have special discount for our clients living abroad.

PK Domain Name

Is .PK a top level domain?

Yes pk extension is a country code top level domain for Pakistan. If you want to protect your brand name from getting misused, you must register your company name or brand name in .pk tld. This domain name is best for targeting the mass internet audience of Pakistan to sell your product and services online.

Is there any Restrictions on using a domain name in .PK?

Yes, you cannot use a domain name in .PK extension for any illegal activity.

Who can Register Name in .pk Extension?

Anyone in Pakistan or abroad who have Pakistani CNIC or who is Pakistani national can register a domain name in .pk. You will have to provide some information about domain owner, and your domain will get registered.

Who Can Register a .PK tld Domain for you?

We being a top reseller of PKNIC can register your domain in any .pk ccTlds extension for you in minutes. All the PKNIC resellers have the authority to register any domain in PK extension for the users on behalf of PKNIC, PKNIC is the main registry in Pakistan, who controls, manages, and makes all the terms and policies for the fair usage of domain extensions.

For what purpose i can use a Domain?

You can use it for any purpose you want, for example you can start blogging, can make a company website, can build a brand website in it, the only limit is your thinking. PKNIC only prohibits you from using a Domain for any illegal activity.

Is .PK an International Domain?

No it is not an international domain, it is a domestic or country code top level domain and is best for targeting local internet audience.

Benefits of Having domain name in .pk extension?

If your strategy is to target the internet population of Pakistan, then a .pk has lot of benefits. In the eyes of Pakistani clients it gives your brand a favorable impression, it shows that you denote exclusivity and show your commitment to serve the locak market. If your domain name is in .pk, then people of Pakistani will easily memorize it, and will remember that it is a local company which they can trust more, and it's products and services will be delivered in time, and they will not have to wait for long. Last but not least, registering a domain name in .pk helps you to protect your trademark in country.

.PK Terms and Policies

Domain PK Requirements

Full Name Company Name
Postal Code CNIC Copy
Email Address Contact No
Owner Signature Postal Address

Domain .PK Restrictions

Min. Character: 01
Max. Character: 63
Numeric Character: Yes (Allowed)
Hyphen Character: Yes (Allowed)

Domain Price

Setup Charges Free
Registration Charges PKR 2200/ 2 Years
Renewal Charges PKR 2200/ 2 Years
Domain name transfer: Not Available

PK Registry Information

Country: Pakistan
IDN support: YES
Additional Charges NO
Restrictions: YES

Domain Registration Period

Registration period: 2 Years
Renewal period: 2 Years
Registration Increment: 2 Years
Renewal Increment: 2 Years
Registration delay: Not Applicable

.pk Name Facts

Launched: 1992
Registry/Sponsor: PKNIC
Status: Active
Renewal Increment: 2 Years
Policies: Not Available

Cheap .PK Registration

It is not easy to buy domain at low prices, because in Pakistan there are many companies who are providing the domain registration facility but their prices are usually very high. We are in this business of domain registration since many years and being one of the top reseller of PKNIC we have discounted our prices to our users interests. So our clients can purchase the domain at cheap prices from You can also contact us if you want to register the domains in bulk and need any special discount. We will register all your Pakistani ccTLD domains at lowest prices in no time. You can give us task of managing your domains and you concentrate on your website, we will take care of all renewals and registration issues for you and all your required tasks of managing your DNS will be performed according to your requirements.

Search .pk Names

Our company is serving the clients in Pakistan for more than a decade. So we can tell you with sure that we are one of the top .PK registrar in Pakistan. Our services are not limited to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. We are working in all cities of Pakistan, throughout the country and we have clients almost in all major cities of Pakistan. Our prices are already very cheap we are registering a domain at lowest price of 2500 PKR for a period of two years. Our staff is very cooperative and professional and will resolve all your issues related to domain and hosting efficiently. What is best about our company is we do not charge much at renewals. Most of the companies in Pakistan charge double or triple price when you go to renew a domain. But we will charge the same price which we will be charging at the registration time. Since our prices are already very cheap so their will be no negotiation in price but if you are a company or an individual who want to register the domains in bulk for example ten domains at a time, then we can talk about more discounted prices. So dear customers feel free to place your order today with us at to enjoy the hassle free domain registration and put one more step to turn your dreams into reality by creating your online presence.

How to Renew .pk

The process to renew a .pk company Name is different as compare to most of the generic domains like .com, .net, .org etc. For examlpe a .com domain can be renew for a single year, whereas you cannot register or renew domain for a period of less than two years. So the renewal of domain can only be made for a minimum period of two years and for a maximum period of ten years according to the terms and policy of PKNIC which is the main registry of all .pk extensions. PKNIC is the main registrar which has all the rights and powers to register, renew, and transfer any .pk website name. We being reseller of PKNIC can renew your domain on from PKNIC on your behalf. There are several possibilities to renew a .pk, firstly you can do it yourself. All you need is a PKNIC prepaid card, we being one of the top reseller of PKNIC can provide you with cheap PKNIC prepaid cards. If you want to renew your domain for more than two year, then you will need more than 1 prepaid cards as one card can renew a domain for only two years. If you do not know how to renew a pkdomain, then you can also get cheap .pk renewal services from our company, all the PKNIC resellers can renew your domain on your behalf. All you have to do is contact us, and tell us about your domain name, and select any payment method to send us the charges of renewal, and we will renew your domain as soon as we recieve your details and payment confirmation. One thing which you shall keep in mind is that, once your domain is expired, you will be able to renew it within 15 days, after this deadline, your domain will go into probation period. In probation period your domain goes out of your control, and the main registry in our case PKNIC will hold the domain for unknown number of days, and may be if your domain name is good, then PKNIC hold it for auction. So you can get in trouble if you failed to renew your domain soon after it's expiration, a good approach is to renew your domain before even expiration date to stay away from any issues related to domain expiration. The procedure of domain renewal is very easy. If you have any confusions of questions you can contact us, our dedicated support team will be much happy to assist you regarding all matters of domain registration and web hosting in Pakistan.

Simple Transfer of .PK Name from one Account to another

PKNIC is the main registry in Pakistan which has all the rights and powers to control the activities related to .pk Names. If you own any Domain and want to transfer it from one PKNIC account to another, you can do it easily. There can be several reasons, when a user can face the need to transfer the domain between multiple accounts or companies, like some companies offer special discounts on renewals, while some other companies can be charging really high prices on renewals. If you are not satisfied with customer support of your current company and want to transfer your domain to a better company than too you can feel the need to transfer your domain. The process to transfer the domain between accounts is simple, PKNIC requires the domain owner not their agent or technical contact, just the domain registrant to write an authority letter on the letterhead of the company under the official seal. In this authorization letter the domain registrant will have to mention the PKNIC account ID from which he wants which domain name to transfer in which PKNIC account. In addition of all this information, if the domain owner is Pakistani national then he will have to attach a copy of CNIC of the company director or head along with the authorization letter. If you want to enjoy hassle free quality services of domain registration, renewal and transfer, then we highly recommend you to transfer your domain to our panel, and we will be more happy to assist you regarding all the technical issues related to domain and hosting in Pakistan. Our renewal charges of domains are very affordable. Here you can download Sample Authorization Letter which you need to transfer your domain from one PKNIC account to another.

.PK Owner Mismatch Name Correction

If due to some reason the owner name does not match with the official emblem i.e name on the letter head, then the domain registrant will have to provide an affidavit in proper format along with the domain authorization letter. In the domain authorization letter the domain owner has to provide the information like domain name, and PKNIC account ID from which he wants to transfer the domain and in which PKNIC account he wants to send the domain. The affidavit must comply the legal requirements such as stamp paper of worth 100 rupees, and it must be attested by the oath commissioner. In this affidavit the domain owner will have to request the PKNIC to unlock his domain registrant information, in the affidavit you will have to provide complete information like domain owner name, company name, CNIC number, domain name, and explain domain owner mismatch, i.e for what purpose you want the PKNIC to unlock the domain registrant information. Furthermore also mention the PKNIC account ID in which you want to transfer the Domain. You can download Sample Affidavit for Owner Mismatch from our website.

Transfer .PK Individual Owner

If you are the individual owner of any PK Domain, and you want to transfer your domain from your PKNIC account to any other service provider. Then you will have to send an affidavit to PKNIC in proper format, in this affidavit you will have to provide domain registrant name, NIC number of domain owner, full name, PKNIC account username and ID from which you want to transfer the domain, along with your residential address. This affidavit must be comply with the legal requirements such as Rs 100 stamp paper and must be attested by the oath commissioner. In it also mention the PKNIC account ID in which you want to transfer your domain. From our website you can download the Sample Individual Owner Transfer Affidavit. If you want to transfer your domain to our company to enjoy cheap domain renewals, then contact us to get all assistance related to PK name transfer.