Free PK Domain

Free SSL - Free .PK Domain - Free .COM.PK - Free .COM Domain offers completely Free .PK Website Name Registration along with Free SSL Certificate & DDos protection in Pakistan, this offer is equally valid for our international clients. Now you can get free .PK and .COM.PK Registration with two years web hosting subscription. For the ease and convenience of our clients we offer both ASP.NET (Windows) and PHP (Linux) based hosting packages at cheap price, you can even switch between two later on by paying nominal charges. In past people used to buy domain, hosting and ssl certificates from different companies, which as a result increase the cost of services for them, PKDOMAIN company has come to the surface with the perfect solution to all tech experts who are concerned with their business goals and top rankings in search results. As Google and all major search engines has made it compulsory for all website owners to make their websites protected from security threats by implementing SSL. So for our clients we are providing Free SSL Certificate Activation and Installation. So place your free Domain order today to enjoy hassle free fast domain registration and web hosting services at cheap price.

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Free PK Domain

Free PK Domain + SSL with Web Hosting Plans

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Free .Com/.Net/.Org/.Info Domain Name + SSL Certificate with Hosting Packages

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Get .PK and .COM.PK Names with Web Hosting Plans

.PK is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan, millions of domain names in this extension have already been registered. All the major brands and companies have shifted their products and services to local ccTLDs to deal with local clients of each country in more proper and accurate manners. Business holders in Pakistan are looking for solutions to manage things online in more simpler way. As things have become more complicated over time, now the SSL certificate comes in basic needs for making your website live, because in the absence of this your website will be marked as insecure by search engine, when someone visit it. Insecure mark put negative impression and your clients and viewers get a bad user experience. So it if you will not make your website's security tight with SSL certificate it will lessen your reputation in the market and will give an edge to your competitors. Webmasters usually take domain from one company, hosting from another, and ssl certificate from third party. Which makes things more messy and complicated and difficult to manage.

Register Free .COM Domain in Pakistan

As we all known .COM is most popular top level domain which is favorite of almost all webmasters and companies. Everyone wants to get their favorite or required name get registered using this suffix. But what will be more best, if you get your website name in .COM website name extension without any cost? Yes you read it right, PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is providing Free registration of .COM Name in Pakistan, without any hidden charges. But as we all know, to bring a website online, we need few more things, such as Web Hosting, and if you do not know coding then you may need web designers or web development services. As things are changing at much faster pace online, so to make your website more secure and to protect your clients, users and customers data it is now compulsory for all the websites to protect their website with SSL certificate. So you can see, there are plenty of things which you need to bring your business online on the internet. But that is still pretty good thing, because there are billions of internet users which are available on the social networks, and searching through Google to get information about the products and services the need. So it is a great opportunity to make a good living, or to make your business more successful to create an online presence. We are offering bundle offer, in which if you purchase any Web Hosting Plan from our company, we will register your website name with .COM for you completely free for you. You also get Free SSL installation and activation for the whole 1 year without any additional charges. So bring your business, blog, store, eCommerce website online to give it more exposure, which can ultimately help you in increasing your sales and profits.

Free .COM.PK Domain Registration

.COM.PK ccTLD is Pakistani 2nd most commonly used web suffic. It is easy to remember, and gives national touch to your website or company name. As we all know you can get a name in this extension for a minimum time period of two years. So to offer you registration services of .COM.PK website names we have created special packages for you in which you can subscribe web hosting plans on biennial basis. With all our free .pk hosting plans you also get free SSL certificate for two years. It is a wonderful offer to create your online website. To bring business online you need basically three things, domain, hosting, ssl certificate and web development designing services. Initially if you have budget issues then you can also install any CMS such as wordpress and use free template to know how things work online. Later on you can get your business or company website completely customized by industries best designers and developers. There are thousands of tutorials available on the Youtube from where you can learn how to create your own website within few minutes. If you have any questions regarding free domain hosting and SSL services, do not hesitate to contact our support team, which is very friendly and always ready to assist you.

Free Domain and SSL Certificate with Best Hosting Packages

Business owners do this to save money, they think it will help them buy cheap products and services, but in fact they waste their plenty of time, as managing and maintaining products and services from more than one company is not that easy task. As we all know time is money, but still people want to save money, and not much concerned about time. Keeping all the factors in mind we have come up with the best solution which every business owner will want to have. Now you can get Free .PK Name and SSL Certificate along with best Web Hosting plans from most secured dedicated servers located in worlds finest datacernters. When you get all your required products and services from one provider at cheapest price in the market, it will help you in better management of your business. You can solely focus on promoting your business and writing wonderful appealing content for you audience. Life will be more easy. So place your order today, and GET Completely free PK site name with any web hosting package of two years. If you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly but experienced and professional customer care support number. Our sales team is always ready to assist you regarding all matters of free Domain Hosting plans.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The term SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is an advanced global security technology, using this you enable encrypted communication between the web server and web browser. It is trusted and utilized by millions of webmasters, individuals and companies online to minimize the risk of sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, emails, credit card number etc from being stolen by hackers. In simple words SSL makes the conversation private, just like to individuals talking privately in a more secure manner. SSL certificate is also known as Digital certificate that is installed on web hosting server to make the connection more secure. It primarily have two functions, first to encrypt the data that is being transmitted and 2nd to authenticate the website's identity to guarantee visitors that they are not on bogus website.

Free SSL Certificate WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS available online, which is totally free. Anyone can build a website using WP Content Management system within minutes. No prior as such knowledge is needed, you can watch video from YouTube, or read how to articles about how to install WordPress with single click through control panel. There are also thousands of free themes available to build a professional company website, which you can download from WordPress repository. This CMS is very secure, and the owner of WordPress keeps updating it to fix the bugs and to take more security measures, and to keep it fast. That is the reason it is number one choice of most of developers, students and web masters. You can create any kind of website using WP. There are also thousands of free plugins, which you can install in your website to enhance it's functionality. If you buy hosting plan from PKDOMAIN, you get Free SSL Certificate WordPress for 1 Year. We are offering this service completely without any hidden charges to our valuable clients, whereas some international companies offer client free domain name and charge a lot on renewals or through additional services such as SSL installation, activation etc. So choose PKDOMAIN.COM.PK whenever you need domain hosting, and if you satisfied with our products and services then share good words about our company with your friends. As sharing is caring.

Free SSL Certificate for Website

As it is now compulsory for each webmaster to make his/her website more secure, to protect the sensitive data of users. Is you will not use SSL on your website then whenever a user will visit your website through any social network, or Google search results, your website will be marked as insecure by Google, and your readers will feel insecure while using your website. So sooner or later you will need to install it. Best idea is to think about it, even before creating your website. For the ease and comfort of our valuable clients, we are not just giving free domain names with hosting plans, you also get a completely free SSL certificate for your website for one year, when you choose any hosting plan from PKDOMAIN.COM.PK. It does not matter your website is built with WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS or if you are using PHP or ASP.NET language to create your website, our provided SSL certificate will work on your website.

Free .PK Name for Lifetime

Ye now it is completely possible, you can get Free .PK or .COM.PK Name for lifetime. Your website name is completely free as long as you keep your web hosting account activated or you keep paying for the web hosting plan which you have subscribed. We will not charge you any additional fee for domain registration services and will renewal of your .PK free Name will take place when you will renew your web hosting plan each year. This way you can enjoy free domain registration services for as long as you want. PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is the first company in Pakistan which is offering this bundle deal, to facilitate the website and online business culture in the country. While other companies are busy in thinking about how to multiply profit and how to get maximum money out from their clients pocket. We are thinking in the best interest of our clients by introducing more and more quality services with bundle offers to help webmaster manage things in best way at lowest possible cost. If you have any questions about lifetime free DOT PK website names feel free to ask us through sales representative. Our support is available 24/7 365 days in a year.

Can I get Free .PK Website Name for 1 Year?

No it is not currently possible. PKNIC is the main authority which makes the registration, renewal and transfer policy for .pk ccTLDs. It is an autonomous body to ensure there are competent domain registration companies which are providing .pk registration in Pakistan. We being member of PKNIC shared registry system can provide you with cheap or free website names in this special top level domain. Currently as per the policy of registry you cannot register or renew a domain name that ends with .PK extension for a time period of less than two years. So It will not be possible for any company local as well as international to even register a domain in or .pk for you for 1 year time period. You can only register it for two years or maximum 10 years at once. So PKDOMAIN.COM.PK can provide you free .pk for at least a time period of two years to 10 years, depending upon the web hosting subscription plan which you purchase. If you pay for 10 years billing period you can enjoy free PK website name for a time period of ten years.

Domain Name Registration in Pakistan Free

Yes you hear it right, PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is providing Free Domain Name Registration services in Pakistan for international domain names such as .COM, .NET, .ORG as well as for local Pakistani domain extensions. You get free said generic domain names with web hosting annual plan subscription. For as long as you keep renewing your web hosting plan with us each year, you can enjoy the benefit of free domain name services. You will have to pay additional fee if you want to add Whois Protection to your website names in generic or special tlDs, whereas PKNIC right now provides default whois protection for .PK website names without any charges. If you have any questions regarding free website domain name registration services in Pakistan, then feel free to contact us through email, whatsapp, local landline or mobile number.

How to Register Free Domain Name in Pakistan?

It is very simple to register a free domain name in Pakistan. All you have to do is to select a web hosting plan from above packages. With each plan we have included free ssl certificate installation and activation and a domain name in .PK or .COM.PK extension. Our this offer is equally valid for other general Pakistani internet domain name extensions such as .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .WEB.PK, .FAM.PK and .EDU.PK. You will have to pay a little additional paper verification fee in case of .EDU.PK extension. If you are interested in targeting the international internet audience of other countries. Then you will definitely be looking forward for a plan in which you get free .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO domain names with free SSL Certificates. We also provide free generic domain names and you can register them from PKDOMAIN.COM.PK which is the TOP Domain Registration and Web Hosting Company in Pakistan. Due to it's quality services, user friendly prices and excellent customer support.

Totally Free Domain Name

We do not have any hidden charges. At PKDOMAIN.COM.PK we are providing completely free Website Domain Names with web hosting plans. Other companies are charging high prices for SSL Certificate, but for the ease and comfort of our clients we are giving completely free SSL Certificate Activation and Installation. We care about our clients, because we believe that it is the client's satisfaction and trust which makes your business successful. So while we are persuiting in the domain hosting industry for a Top Web Hosting Company slot in Pakistan, we aim to provide quality services at no additional cost to our valuable clients. If you have any questions or confusions about our free Domain Name registration services, feel free to contact us. Keep in mind one thing, the price of first time purchase and subsequent renewal of web hosting packages can vary, depending upon the fluctuation in the USD. As we have to pay for our servers and domains fee in USDs and SSL certificate is Free for the first year, or on New Web Hosting plans subscription, in subsequent years our company will charge the standard price of SSL certificate which is very minimal. We are also planning to launch free Web Hosting in Pakistan packages for our local and international clients. Soon we will update this page with the Free .PK hosting packages. So keep in touch with us.

Principally you have complete freedom and right to choose any domain name. But you cannot select names which are already in use by other organizations, or the names which are reserved or prohibited due to ethical, technical and national considerations. It is your duty that your registered name shall not infringe the copyrights of others. Remember it is solely your responsibility. Our company is not liable for anything if your selected name infringe another party's right.

Yes the rumors you heard about free domain name are true. You can get Free 1 Year free .COM Domain with annual web hosting plans. If you want to get Free .PK or .COM.PK Domain Name then you will have to subscribe a web hosting plan for two years, because the minimum time period for which a .PK ccTLD name can be registered is two years. Those domains which are registered for one year like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, etc. you can get them free with any of the annual hosting plan. PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is providing free SSL certificate for 1 Year with all hosting plans.

In this type of domain registration, you get your domain name registered completely free, without any cost by purchasing other services which you will need with domain name. Some companies offer free name with annual hosting packages. From PKDOMAIN.COM.PK you can get free domain along with free SSL with 1 year hosting plans.

The selection of domain name is solely your choice. If you like .COM domain name, then go with it. Or if you want to get benefit of search engine localization feature, then a domain name with country code top level domain extension will be much suitable for you. For example even some international brands are using .PK, and .COM.PK website names to sell product and services online in Pakistan. So if your target audience is Pakistan based, you shall go with local Pakistani extensions, or if you want to target clients all across world, then .COM will do the best for you.

Some web hosting providers give you free domain name with hosting plans as PKDOMAIN.COM.PK, as long as you keep renewing your hosting plans you get benefit of free domain name. So this way you can even get a domain name free for lifetime. Keep paying your hosting renewals at the end of each billing period to enjoy a domain name free forever.

Yes you can get a .com domain completely free, without any hidden charges from PKDOMAIN.COM.PK with annual web hosting plans.

In Pakistan PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is one of the leading domain registration company, which is providing local as well as international domain names at cheapest price in the market. There renewal charges are also very reasonable.

Buy any shared web hosting plan of Linux or Windows web hosting from to get a free domain name for 1 year.

Try to choose a domain name as short as possible, it shall be easy to remember, so your readers can memorize it as quickly as possible. You can select a company name, dictionary word or any words which you think people can remember easily. In Pakistan .COM, .PK and .COM.PK domain extensions are most popular, so you can select your domain name using any of these suffix.

Yes definitely you can buy domain name without hosting, but in that case you will have to pay for the domain name. Because company usually offer free domain with annual hosting plans.

PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is selling .COM domain names at Rs.1494/1year and .PK domain names at Rs.2349/2Years. Each company have different price, and you can research thoroughly before selecting a domain registrar for you. Some companies charge you very less on first time purchase but make lot of profit on renewals. So choice is always yours.

If you are living outside Pakistan then you can buy .COM domain with 10$ and .PK, .COM.PK domain names with 52$/per two years from PKDOMAIN.COM.PK.

After purchasing your domain name, you can synchronize the name servers with your website name, and create a company email account using your domain. Then you can also secure your social media profiles related to your company name. After that you shall create your website to showcase your work online with your domain name address on the world wide web.

There are lot of free CMS (Content Management System) available online, you can choose one of them to create your website completely free. WordPress is one of the most advanced and secure CMS, trusted by millions, in cPanel with one click you can install WordPress and create your website completely free in no time.

Yes you can create small to large business website using WordPress CMS completely free. There are thousands of free plugins, which will help you in enhancing the functionality of your website. You can also select a free theme from thousands of WordPress themes available online. WP is best for creating Portfolio or business websites without any cost. All you need will be domain and hosting to do so.

Yes WordPress software is completely free. Anyone can download it, it takes just a few minutes to create your own website online using WordPress CMS. You can create any kind of website with required functionality. Chances are that there are numerous free plugins available to add any kind of additional functions in your website, that may you need. WordPress is world's one of the top CMS and trusted and used by millions of webmasters.

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