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If you want to Buy PKNIC domains and searching for Cheapest PK Domain Prices, then PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is the company you have been finding. After the invention of world wide web the internet domain name system came into being to provide people with the facility to register their website's names. Every country has it's own specifically assigned country code top level domains (ccTLDs). In case of Pakistan .PK is the top level domain. There are large number of local companies which are selling names in Pakistani domain extensions to the local as well as international users. Every company has its own special price, but as our company name explains it well, we are specialized in dealing clients who are looking forward to purchase website names in .PK, .COM.PK or .EDU.PK Domain Extension. From our company you can buy .PK, .COM.PK and .Com Domains at lowest rates in the market. Like many other companies we do not charge you high cost at renewals. Our registration and renewal charges are very affordable for international clients as well. Register your domain name in Pakistani extensions today from PKDOMAIN to know why thousands of clients like and trust our services worldwide. Currently we are offering .PK domains at Rs.2349/2 years and you can also buy .COM.PK Domains at the same rate. As you know company names in DOT PK extension cannot be registered for single year, so its billing period functions biannually. If you have any questions or you are not satisfied with our prices, feel free to contact us through email, WhatsApp or support number. We believe in providing best quality services and client satisfaction is our top priority.

Pk Domain Price

.PK Domain Price

We are offering PK Domain registration services in Pakistan. If you want to secure your .pk company name instantly before someone else grab it then order us your name and we will register it for you within few minutes. The price of Domain name is very affordable and you can purchase a DOT PK for a time period of minimum two years. From our website you can register a pk name at cheapest and lowest prices in the market. We can even provide you special discount if you purchase domains in .pk in bulk quantity from our company. We are one of the top PKNIC reseller and can provide you domain names at lowest price in market. The price of these domains is different for local and overseas clients, so if you are living in a country other than Pakistan, then you can contact us, we will give you special price, which is more competitive and much less than most of the companies offering to the international clients. We are working in the field of domain registration since more than a decade, and have large number of happy clients, it is all due to our best prices and quality services with super fast technical support.

Domain Price in Pakistan

Domain Extension Registration Price Validity Period Category More Info
.COM Rs.3199 1 Year Most Popular International World Wide Web Suffix Register .Com
.PK Rs.3149 2 Years Pakistani TLD Available to Anyone, Local or Overseas Individuals or Entities Buy .pk
.COM.PK Rs.3149 2 Years For Entities, Businesses, Companies and Individuals Search
.NET Rs.3699 1 Year Common Purpose Networking Business .net Register
.ORG Rs.3699 1 Year International Non-Profit Organizations Find .org
.BIZ Rs.2999 1 Year Perfect for Business Websites .biz Checker
.INFO Rs.2380 1 Year Informational Websites, Used for General Purposes Register .info
.TV Rs.8499 1 Year For Television, News Channels, Videos, Newspapers Lookup .tv
.CO Rs.2999 1 Year Colombia top Level Domain Replacement of .Com Finder .co
.AE Rs.12499 1 Year United Arab Emirates Commonly Used Domain Name Search .ae
.JP Rs.9999 1 Year Country Code Top Level Domain of Japan .jp Registration
.CO.UK Rs.2799 1 Year Commonly Used Website Suffix in United Kingdom Find
.EDU.PK Rs.3449 2 Years Only Pakistani Registered Educational Institutions Book .EDU.PK
.NET.PK Rs.3149 2 Years Network Service Providers Check
.ORG.PK Rs.3149 2 Years Local Non-Profit Organisations Finder
.WEB.PK Rs.3149 2 Years Individual Websites Availability
.BIZ.PK Rs.3149 2 Years General Business, Promotional Company
.FAM.PK Rs.3149 2 Years Fame, Family and Individuals Search
.GOV.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Federal Ministries of the Government Gov Domains
.GOP.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Departments of the Government of Punjab Purchase
.GOS.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Sindh Provincial Government Registry
.GOB.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Balochistan Government Departments Register
.GOK.PK Rs.3949 2 Years State Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Check
.GKP.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Find
.GOG.PK Rs.3949 2 Years Government Departments of Gilgit-Baltistan Provider

Lowest PK Domain Prices

PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is one of the top rated .PK Registrar, we are providing lowest PK Domain price to all our valuable clients. With more than 13 years of success, we have great reputation and credibility in the market of domain names industry. We have thousands of currently active clients based on local and international users around the world. If you want best quality, fast DNS management, most efficient support, and professional customer care service along with domain registration all just free of cost then you must give a try to our company. Our most of the clients are referral based. Our old clients which are happy and satisfied with our prices and services, refer their friends and family members and the people they care about to our company. As sharing is caring, so we request you too, that if you like our services then please share your experience and our company name with the people who are looking forward to create an online presence, and recommend them to try our services.

We have lower our prices from rest of the companies, our this client caring attitude was same in the past and will be same in the future, we are here to provide you lowest domain registration, renewal and transfer charges. Our focus is to provide low price pk domain to as many people as possible, and like many other companies we are not here to gain high profits. You can compare our prices with other company to know we have lowest pk domain prices. If you need more discount then you can visit latest offers page to know if currently there are any deals or offers available. You can also use the coupon code to get discount which we will launch soon. Website designing and development companies and freelancers can get cheapest rates of pk domain by registering names in bulk quantity. If you need any information or you are not convinced with our prices, feel free to talk with our sales representative. We are here to not let you go anywhere else. Your satisfaction is our goal, no matter what it needs to make our clients happy with our domain hosting services. Our tech experts and sales team is always ready to cooperate with our valuable clients.

What is PK Domain?

The term .PK refers to the country code top level domains in Pakistan, in it .pk stands for Pakistan. So this domain extension is geographically allocated specially to the people of Pakistan. So if you live in Pakistan and you are interested in targeting the internet audience of local market, then it will be a good strategy to start your online website with a name having .pk extension at the end of it's name, which shows that the business or products and services are related to Pakistan. Now a days almost all of the major brands have secured their company and brand names with .pk and suffix. So if you want to buy your website name, then congratulations you are at the one of the best domain registration company's website. We deal in all the .pk ccTLDs and can provide you special discount on bulk purchase.

Domain Price in Pakistan

Different companies are charging different prices for the registration of a website name in same domain extension. Which means if you explore and do little research online then you will know companies in Islamabad are charging much higher prices for this purpose as compare to the companies located in Lahore and Karachi. It is obvious that the types and structure of different companies are not similar which results in difference of prices. As they have to pay high rent, salary to the employees, and sometimes charges to the social media management and search engine optimization companies. Those companies which provide web designing and development services they also try to cut a share of profit from domain registration services and pay the salaries of these departments. As things are not as simple as they look in different companies, same is the issue with prices of domain names. So the best idea to purchase your domain name at lowest prices in the market is to buy a domain name from company which is specialized in sale of domain names. As our company name describes it all, we are here to deal in names. Our expertise make us offer best prices in the market. We have very smart team members, who are enough talented in their area of work, to help us provide best domain rates for .pk, .COM, and .COM.PK website names. With limited team, and to the point services PKDOMAIN.COM.PK is one of the top domain registration company in Pakistan which is well known for its top notch services and best registration and renewal price.

Cheap Rate for .EDU.PK Educational Domain Names

All those educational institutes in Pakistan which are registered by Government can create their online website or LMS (Learning Management System) using .EDU.PK suffix. You will have to provide copy of registration letter along with the application. For complete requirements visit the .EDU.PK Domain page from top navigation menu. EDU PK extension will give your online presence some distinction from others who are are not using it right now. People will understand just by the name that it is official website of any educational organization, institution or department. It will help you in building more authority and positive reputation among your current and future students. It is equally important to get in touch with the parents of students. People and institutional staff can easily communicate with each other and it also helps you in promoting your department and to make people aware when the admissions are opening or if there are any scholarships or exams related news.

Domain Hosting Price in Pakistan

If you will purchase domain and hosting separately then you will have to pay high cost. You will also need SSL certificate that will add up more cost in the price. So those people who buy domain hosting first time, as they do not know much about what they shall purchase or what they need to bring their website online on the internet. Thats why they think things are very expensive and they cannot afford it or do not know what rocket science in involved in creating a blog or website online. With thousands of articles and videos on the Youtube things are now much more easy to do and handle and manage online. You basically need just three things to create your online website, which are domain name, web hosting and ssl certificate. When you have all these three things then either you can install a wordpress blog yourself or if you can afford you can rent web designing and development services of an engineer to build a website for you. The best thing is when you buy domain hosting together from one company you get special discount on your first year charges. What is more if you buy domain hosting from our company you can register free domain name in Pakistan with annual web hosting plans and we are also providing free one year SSL certificate activation and installation. So just purchase a web hosting package to get free SSL and domain name.

.COM Domain Price in Pakistan

We are offering Cheap .COM domain price in Pakistan. You can check other local websites or international domain providers, and compare the prices. Our domain registration charges are lowest in the market. Some companies trap the clients by offering very low registration fee but makes the profit double on renewals. So it is all your choice if you want almost free domain name that is also just first time and only single .com domain, and later own pay high cost for renewals and registering new domains. Or choose PKDOMAIN.COM.PK which has same price, it does not matter how many domain names you purchase in future. We provide best prices in the market at domain registration, renewal and transfer. While selecting a company you need to see their registration as well as renewal charges to have a better idea what that company is charging you for domain name. Because you will not need a website name for just one year, you will be wanting it to keep it with you for multiple years. So if you want to pay less at renewals of domains and also if you want to register more domains in future then select PKDOMAIN, which have best purchasing and renewal prices.

Register .COM.PK Domain at Low Cost

There are some local and international companies which charge different prices for .PK and .COM.PK extensions. But for the convenience of our clients we are offering you both extensions at the same rate. From PKDOMAIN.COM.PK you can buy .COM.PK domain at low cost in the market. We have also very affordable and reasonable price of domain for international clients or Pakistani nationals living abroad. Foreigners can place their order online and make payment through PayPal to get there website name registered in Pakistani ccTLDs.

What is the Registration Price of .PK Domain Name in Pakistan?

If you will purchase .PK Domain name from a web designing and development company they will definitely sell you website name at high price, because they will try to earn some profit by providing you domain registration services. First domain registrar with earn profit then that web solutions provider, so cost will automatically increase. That is the reason registration price of .PK Domain Name is not same across any city, province, country or world. Different companies charge the price they think their client can easily pay. But we do not discriminate among our clients. We are not freelancers, web designers, or other IT solutions providers. The main function of our company is to provide domain registration services. We are not running behind big chunks of profits. All we want is to promote IT culture in Pakistan by providing cheapest services in the market and help people to come online and get benefit from new technology. Internet can provide you a good living if you have skills, knowledge, hobbies, or any products and services which you can sell online to the local or international internet users. So purchase your domain name from PKDOMAIN.COM.PK to get cheapest rates of domain registration and renewal. We also offer very economical price on domain transfers, so you are more than welcome if you want to transfer your .pk name from any provider to our company. Currently our company is selling names in .pk ccTLDs at Rs.2349/2years. It is the best price, other companies may offer you few rupees less, but check twice their renewal charges before getting your name registered with any other company.

Domain Registration Charges For Premium Domain Names

We have mentioned the price of different TLDs, ccTLDs, generic and special domain extensions. In addition of all these extensions, if you need your name with any other new special tld then you can contact us at the support number, and our sales representative will give you pricing details of that specific extension. We do not deduct any additional charges, there is no hidden fee, we will charge only the domain name price, and we usually do not charge any registration fee. But there is definitely a consultancy and service fee if you request us to help you buy any premium domain name, which is currently registered by someone else, or if you want to get any expired domain. We also provide services if you are interested in purchasing a domain name through bidding in any of the auctions. PKNIC also sells premium domains through auctions, and if you want to by a domain through auction, our experts will bid on that name for you on your behalf and you will have to additional fee for this service. There is no guarantee that we will be successful in registering the domain name you requested to buy through bidding. As there is always a chance that someone else can also win it through highest bid. But we will charge you service fee only if we successfully register that premium domain for you. Some people buy good domain names which have huge potential and are of high value. Such domain names are called premium domains. You can avail our services to buy a domain name which is already registered by someone. Our team will request the current buyer to sell you your required name on your given budget. If the deal gets successful you will pay for the consultancy fee+domain price.

Cheap Renewal Price for .COM, .PK, .COM.PK Domain Names

If you want to pay economical prices on renewals of generic such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and country code top level domains such as .PK, .COM.PK, .UK, .AE etc. then we will recommend you to try our our services. Other companies will charge you double, or triple price when you will renew your website names from their company. But if you avail our services, we guarantee you that our pricing plans are very competitive. With more than a decade of experience in the industry of domain and hosting we have learnt how to provide top notch services in limited budget. So to get best ROI try our services. You can compare our pricing with other local as well as international companies. This is our client's trust and satisfaction which has made our company successful online. Our most of the clients are referred by our old clients, due to our positive reputation in the market. We don't frequently update our prices, and you will always find us economical and affordable. It is best idea to choose such a company for getting these services which have history of providing low cost services. It was cheap in the past and is low cost in the present and will not be costly or much expensive in the future too. Our main focus is to promote website culture and IT in Pakistan. So we will always keep our pricing plan very economical so everyone can afford it without any problem.

Transfer your Domain or Website to PKDOMAIN.COM.PK for Best Prices and Quality Services

We are charging standard price of domain name if you want to transfer your name from any other registrar to our company. Other companies are charging very high renewal fee. This is the reason lot of people are transferring their domain hosting to PKDOMAIN.COM.PK. Our prices are very affordable, with efficient professional support and high quality services. So if you are not satisfied with your current provider, then feel free to contact us if you need any assistance regarding transfer of your domain name or web hosting to our company. Currently we are providing free migration services to all our clients who want to transfer their site to our servers with zero downtime and data loss. If you have any questions feel free to talk with our helpdesk through support contact.

Just navigate to the top of this page or visit PKDOMAIN.COM.PK and there in the search bar put any name, dictionary words, phrases, keywords or company name and press the Search button to find the availability of your required name in available Pakistani and most commonly used generic domain extensions.

In Pakistan .PK and .COM.PK domain extensions are most popular. They are easy to remember and have few characters in suffix. It is solely your choice to select any extension you feel fit for your project. .PK, .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .WEB.PK, .FAM.PK and .BIZ.PK extensions are available to everyone. You can use it for blogging, informational website, or to sell products and services online by creating online store or eCommerce website.

With all .PK Domain names there does not come any control panel. So our technical team has to update and change the DNS against each domain name manually. While you register a domain name you can tell us in the order form that which domain name servers you want against that name. You can also change your DNS later on whenever you want by requesting us to do so by emailing us through your official email which you used while purchasing domain from us. Or by generating ticket in control panel.

PKNIC is the main registry which provide its Shared Registry System Members to register, renew domain names on its behalf. Their system is not that much upgraded. So they currently offer free WHOIS protection by default to all domain names. So currently the contact details of domain names in .PK are invisible to general public and nobody can see it. You do not pay any additional cost for this ownership details protection. It is enabled by default.

You cannot change the WHOIS information of .PK Domain name once it is registered. Because the WHOIS information is locked soon after the registration of domain. If you want to change or update the contact information against any .PK Domain then it will required complete documentation. Letter head of company and stamp paper will be needed with some other requisites. For more details contact us.

Once you provide us with your Name Servers (DNS) we will update the information in the registry system. This information is shared with the internet's zone files around the world. This process is called propagation. It takes some time to spread the new domain names information across the internet. Every few hours the information of updated NS in our database is propagated across the world wide web. It will take some time to get your website visible on the internet in different countries, as there are millions of servers of different countries available online, on which frequently zone files information updating takes place. But in spite of all this complicated phenomenon, your domain is expected to be available online on the internet to your users within very short period of time.

No it is really not possible to edit the domain name, you cannot change it, or replace it, after it has been registered. So think as much as you want before registering a domain name, once it is registered it cannot be changed, edit, replaced, refund or returned.

We are providing best prices in the market. You can register .PK Domain Name for a minimum time period of two years. Currently we are charging Rs.2349 for .PK Domain name registration.

Soon after setting up your provided domain name servers. The propagation will start taking place. To be on the safe side we say that it will take 24 to 48 hours in the propagation of domain name. But usually it is completed within 4 to 6 hours. As soon as your new DNS are resolved online, you can make your website live on the world wide web.

Our domain registration process is really fast. Your domain will be registered soon after the payment confirmation. All the users are requested to send us the picture of transaction or payment proof on our WhatsApp number soon after placing the order, it will help us to process your order as quickly as possible. But for security reasons we say that your domain will be registered within 24 hours. But usually the registration process is completed within 1 to 2 hours of payment confirmation.

Well yes you can definitely transfer you .PK domain names from one account to another and from one registrar to other. But the procedure is not that easy as in case of .Com domains. You will need to fill the application form and submit it to registry PKNIC or you can send it to our office address. The process is complicated and you can download the sample transfer letter from relevant page of our website.

This is a special third level Pakistani domain which is reserved for only registered educational organizations, institutions and departments. If your school, college, university etc. are not registered by Government then you are not eligible to purchase a website name in this edu extension. Complete documentation and verification is required to get a name in this extension. It take minimum two to four weeks if there are no objections on your application to get your domain activated.

The price of .pk domain names is different for local and international clients. It does not matter you live in which part of world. If you are outside Pakistan you will have to pay the price of domain names in USD currency on our Paypal account. For that purpose if you need any help, feel free to contact us.

No the minimum character count for .PK ccTLD is four characters (e.g. You can register a domain name using .PK extension with minimum 4 characters and maximum 67 characters including the .pk suffix.

The minimum characters count for third level domain extensions such as .COM.PK, .EDU.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .WEB.PK, .FAM.PK and .BIZ.PK is one character.

Yes there is no restriction on the number of domain names. You can purchase as many as you want without any problem.

Anyone who is living outside Pakistan will have to pay the price in USD. Even if you are a Pakistani national and living abroad, you cannot register a domain name with price in Rupees. For foreigners the cost of .PK and .COM.PK domain names in United States Dollar. If you want your domain name to be registered, pay the price on PayPal. If you face any issue while transaction on our PayPal, kindly contact us at WhatsApp +92-311-4042577 or email us at you can also create ticket in control panel to get your issue resolved.

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