Dedicated Server Hosting Pakistan

With growth in the IT industry of our country, there is demand of huge dedicated resources by our clients. So to meet the needs of our valued customers PKDOMAIN has decided to sell the completely secure, affordable yet reliable dedicated server hosting in Pakistan. With almost 23 crore population, our country is fifth most populated in the world. Most of the people are young, and every year thousands of new graduates join this fast growing industry. So there is great potential in the internet market. Especially due to Covid-19 pandemic, all the organization, institutions and business owners are seriously thinking about bringing their products and services online. Although not everyone can bear the heavy cost of dedicated resources, but the time is changing, people are becoming more aware of the technology. With little investment you can make your application or website more secure, can have complete access of server in the form of root access or can access your machine via RDP.

So to manage heavy traffic or large number of visitors it is the right time to shift your website or software to full fledge machine, so that your visitors do not become victim of slow speed or not found error. Dedicated platform is the need of ecommerce and online shopping store portals. We highly suggest dedicated resources for such a project so your buyers can efficiently access your offered products and services and you can offer them top-notch user experience. Which will help you in growing your online business by increasing sales. Fast loading speed and low latency rate are some of the factors which can influence your SERPs in the Google. With dedicated web server all the resources are utilized by your project and nobody shares it with you. It is highly suitable for complicated applications which need completely customized environment to properly run the software. So if your business is growing and you need more resources, security, reliability then it is the right time to say no to shared hosting environment and move your website or application to dedicated hosting server in Pakistan and get your desired (OS) operating system being install in your machine along with your favorite control panel.

  • Windows and Linux
  • Low Cost Prices
  • Managed / Un-Managed
  • cPanel / Plesk
  • Fully Secure
  • 10Gbps DDOS Protection
  • Tier III+ DC
  • 6 Hours Setup
Dedicated Server Pakistan

Best Dedicated Plans

Low Priced Packages

Core(s) Space RAM Bandwidth ISP Port Price/Mo
02 300 GB SSD-boosted 4GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 21.9 ORDER
04 700 GB SSD-boosted 10GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 34.95 ORDER
06 1400 GB SSD-boosted 20GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 45.95 ORDER
04 200 GB 100% SSD 8GB Unlimited 200 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
06 400 GB 100% SSD 16GB Unlimited 400 Mbit/s USD 39.95 ORDER
08 800 GB 100% SSD 30GB Unlimited 600 Mbit/s USD 59.95 ORDER
10 1600 GB 100% SSD 60GB Unlimited 1000 Mbit/s USD 89.95 ORDER

Are you Looking for Pakistan Based Dedicated Server?

Pakistan is moving slowly and steadily, gradually in the field of IT, so now you have the facility to host your data locally inside Pakistan. If you are really conscious about the location of your server and you are looking for data centers inside Pakistan to host your website with local Pakistan based IP address. Then the time has arrived when you can host your business or company website in data center right inside Pakistan. Initially we do not have much options. So we are providing you dedicated server hosting from data center located in Islamabad. Later on we have plan to add more data centers locations to our list. You can protect your data by hosting it right inside Pakistan. When you host website in the nearest data center to your target audience. It will definitely help you to optimize speed and performance of your website and you can serve the information to the end user with low latency rate. Now a days competition is too high online, as speed is one of the factor in SEO. So on very high demand of Pakistani webmasters, we are introducing local Pakistani dedicated server hosting at affordable pricing. For more details about Pakistan based dedicated server, please contact our sales representative. You can contact us via call 0311 4042 577 , Whatsapp and email address.

  • KVM / OpenVZ
  • Root Access
  • Controlled Prices
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Easy Management
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Windows VPS
  • cPanel VPS
Pakistan Based VPS

Dedicated Server in Pakistan

PkDomain is offering reliable and affordable Windows / Linux Dedicated Server hosting in Pakistan. We are providing both managed and unmanaged servers. Our dedicated servers have genuine hardware with Intel CPUs, they are both Linux and Windows based most reliable and affordable located in the world's most secured data centers of USA, UK and Canada. Now we also support multiple OS systems and software support with instant reloads and reboots.

Web Server in Pakistan

Dedicated Servers are best options for websites and applications that requires highly extensive resources. It is equally best for you if you have an ecommerce website (storefront), or a streaming media site, or if you want to run an application that requires specific custom software installation. If you are facing issues with shared and vps hosting, and your potential customers and loyal readers are facing downtime in your services, due to extensive growth in your website traffic, a VPS server is no more capbale of handling the heavy traffic then it is the perfect time for you to move your website to Dedicated resources. Dedicated Server is more secure and reliable as compared to shared or vps hosting, as in this type of hosting you have great control on the physical server and you can install hardware and software of your own choice, thus it is ideal for creating an environment that will suit best with your website. It is more reliable, secure, fast and customizable. With dedicated server you have complete control on the server hardware, software and environment, and you can provide disk space or bandwidth resources to your website as much you want.

Server Hosting in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are lot of complications due to which the deployment of local server is very costly. There is absence of international standard infrastructure, internet speed is also not upto the mark, electricity is too expensive and still load shedding occurs more often, there is also lack of knowledge about how to efficiently manage the data center. That is the reason mostly companies and brands are using USA, UK, and Canada based servers to host their business website and online stores. We are providing dedicated resourced machines at very feasible cost which is equal to virtualization. So we highly suggest you to rent the dedicated web machine to move one step ahead of your competitor with super fast speed, more compatibility, complete control and full control to promote your business internationally. With more than 10 years of experience we have learnt to offer more valuable services to our clients and are among the top suppliers who offer dedicated solutions. So contact us today to get your personalized hosting solution, with ease of choosing any operating system suitable with your application, our expert will install it in your rented machine. Easy to use control interfaces, all the commonly used and famous addons, high bandwidth, extra space and more RAM are some of the pearls that you get when you order your dedicated machine from our company. Our experts and technical team is available to assist you at the hour of need, when you need any solution or advice we are just ahead of one call or email. Our expert team will guide you how different basic operations work and how to effectively manage the server in the critical scenarios.

Security of VPS Servers?

If we talk about the security of the servers, then we can tell you that we have taken all the precautionary measures to make the servers most secure, but this security is mostly relevant to networking side, so you can say it is half job done, and you can make your server more secure by installing necessary softwares, operating system and by installing interface level security setup.

Dedicated Server Solutions

If you are looking for Dedicated Hosting Services in Pakistan, then you need to look no further, as we have perfect solutions for all your dedicated hosting needs. If you want to host multiple websites, or files or database intensive SQL Server applications then our dedicated server suits best with your needs. Our services will meet your expectations if you want to setup professional email server, want to create your own virtualization environment or need any other high available dedicated server solution. PkDomain is providing cheapest dedicated servers.

Feel free to discuss with us your dedicated server needs, and our engineers will provide you with the perfect dedicated hosting solution. We are providing a wide range of solutions in dedicated hosting and offer you a number of solutions e.g HA Solution for resource intensive application, professional email setup solution for diverse requirement, dynamic database design storage solutions etc. Our all hosting packages have cPanel integrated so you can also use GUI based control panel to manage your applications.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting with Extraordinary Performance

In current era the inflation rate is so high, and with continuous fluctuation in the USD price, the Pakistani IT industry and webmasters are facing the problem of high costs and frequent rise in the prices of web hosting services offered by different local and global companies. As the conversion rate of USD keeps on changing so the expected price of services gets out of budget more often, as the international companies charge price in USD and bank also increase the cost of services in the form of difference in conversion rates and transaction charges. As the price of these services is recurring each month, so it highly impact your overall budget. In such circumstances, webmasters and small to medium size company owners who have limited budget worry about the increase in cost and want to know how to solve this problem. We have come up with a solution for our clients, with fluctuation in USD conversion rate and increase in inflation we want our clients do not worry about the extra costs, so we have fixed the prices and and you can pay us the price which you have paid the first time and we will not charge you high renewals, so you do not need to take headache of devaluation of Pakistani currency. We are offering cheapest server hosting in the market as compare to rest of the competitors. We never compromise on the quality of services, with years of experience we have learnt to provide best quality services in limited budget. In Pakistan due to financial problems, most of the newly established companies prefer to buy Cheapest products without making sure about the quality, guarantee and efficacy of the service. But when you acquire services from our company even at low budget we make sure you get dedicated hosting solutions as per international standards.

What Makes the Difference?

Our prime focus is not to sell things online, but to provide valuable products and services, so that people can get best ROI by achieving more success in their online business. All our services are of top notch quality, with complete security, in affordable price along with timely support. All our servers are completely customizable and are built with latest modern technology and branded hardwares. With state of the art infrastructure each server that we sell is connected with the global network with a capacity of 10 Tbit/s and have by default 40 Gbit/s Anti-DDoS protection enabled. With multi-path high bandwidth and completely redundant network, our experts have sorted most of the commonly occurring problems that users face without taking any extra cost. If you are fed up with the high dedicated hosting costs or are over charged by your old provider or looking for a better company than your current host to get server solutions with least restrictions. Then you are more than welcome to try our services, client satisfaction is our top most priority. We are providing completely customizable software-defines networking solutions in low budget. Our support team is very professional and humble, and tech team is very experienced. So we can offer you best, well configured and completely optimized server solutions at best price.

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