New Domain Extensions and tlds

If you want to build your brand identity online, for this purpose you will have to choose your domain name very carefully, as domain name is in other words an address which people can follow to reach your company or business online. A company website with unique domain name is the basic requirement to build a brand online. With your company online, your product and services will be accessible to unlimited internet audience and it will definitely put positive impact on your sales and your business can grow more speedily this way. It is not that easy now a days to select and choose a perfect domain name for your business, the best practice is keep it short and simple and try to select a domain name which has your main keyword in it. One way is to register a domain name according to your company name, and the 2nd option is select a domain name which contain the main keyword you intend to target through your website. In past there were famouse few generic tlds which are still very famous and most widely known such as .com, .net, and .org. But the problem is the website names in such tlds have already been registered and now good names are not available in .com etc. So here comes the need of new and off-beat tlds. With the passage of time new tlds keep originating and now there are lot more options you have to give a perfect domain name, which suit your business in all aspects and also contain the keywords in it.

New Domain Extensions

ICANN which is well known as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has launched a number of new domains to fulfill the needs of people, and now you can select a domain name with several new and special tlds. Some of the most commonly known new domain extensions are .country, .education, .video, .phography, .accounting, .audio and .name etc. All the domains which are controlled through ICANN comes with no restrictions and you can use it for any purpose, but the terms and conditions of each company applies on your business where you sell your product and services so you will have to take care of that part. being number 1 domain registration company in Pakistan offers you all the new and upcoming tlds at cheap prices. From our company you can register a domain name at lowest price in any tld. It is advised to all who do not have much knowledge about how to select a perfect domain name which suits best to your business, then just keep a few points in mind, keep the name short, and try to add some keywords related to your products and services and make the name easy to remember. You can also consult with us and take the experts opinions if you are facing any issue in selecting a domain name for your business, products and services. Our dedicated team will be much happy to assist you regarding all matters of domain registration and web hosting.

If you choose a new domain extension for your website name, then you can make your domain name more meaningful with the benefit of having the main keywords also in it. For example if you have company which provides accounting and finance services then you can select .accounting new domain extension. If you own any photography business you can purchase a domain name in .photography domain extension which will best suit with your company name. This way possibilties are unlimited even if your required domain name is not available in .com, you can try new domain extensions and can get benefit from them, they are very meaningful and easy to remember and gives perfect branding. We are providing cheap domain registration in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Sialkot, Hyderabad and all across Pakistan. We have large number of international clients, so it really does not matter you belong to which place or country you can register your domain today with us, and enjoy hassle free domain registration and dns management services at very affordable and cheap rate.

If you register your domain with us, you get lot of benefits such as free domain forwarding, dns management and life time support. So what you are waiting for, contact us today and place your order with your favorite name and choose any top level, new domain extension, cctld or off-beat tlds which suit best with your business type and bring your business online within minutes.