PK Domain Transfer Procedure & Process

Simple Transfer

Transfer Pk Domain from one account to another

There are several reasons and circumsatances in which someone can have a desire to transfer pk domain from one domain panel to another. It usually happens when someone switch between the companies. But there are other circumstances too, when it feels that it is the right time to transfer the domain from one PKNIC account to another. We being one of the top reseller of PKNIC can provide you services related to .pk domain registration, renewal and transfer without any problem in a more convenient and hassle free way. If you are not happy with the services of your current domain registration company or web hosting company and want to transfer your domain to a better company or if your current domain registration company is charging high prices on renewals, then it is the right time for you to transfer your domain to our company. As we have the same domain registration and renewal prices and our company has the highest clients satisfaction ratio and percentage in the Pakistan, due to very friendly and experienced technical support and efficient quality services at very cheap prices. As we all know PKNIC is the main registry which has all the rights and powers to regulate and control the .pk domain activities, so the terms and conditions of PKNIC applies on .pk domain transfer from one panel to another.

Pk Domain Transfer

The process of PK Domain transfer is little complicated, but do not worry we are here to assist you regarding all matters of .pk domains. If you want to transfer your domain from one domain registration company to another domain provider, then according to PKNIC terms and conditions you will have to write an authorization letter on the letterhead of current domain registration company, and in it mention your complete name, designation, company name, address, domain name and CNIC number. This authorization letter must be written on the company letterhead under the official seal or add the signature and stamp of chief executive officer of your current company. In it also mention the account IDs from which account your want to transfer the domain in which account.

Owner Mismatch

.PK Domain Owner Name Correction

Individual Owner

Individual Owner .PK Domain Transfer