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We are providing Low Budget, Top Rates, Best Quality, Cheapest VPS in Pakistan. If you have any questions about our services. Feel free to contact our customer support team, which is very collaborative and lways ready to synergize with the clients. When do we need VPS or virtual private server? It is when you are looking for more secure and protected environment for your application along with predefined reserved resources. Virtual machines are helpful to provide more compatibility, control, secure environment along with ease of use. When you need dedicated hosting solution in a low budget then you can also opt for virtual server. But in Pakistan normally people select this type of hosting when there current provider refuse to host the website in the shared hosting environment due to huge consumption of CPU. Or sometimes the webmaster also feels uncomfortable and unhappy with shared hosting plan because in it there is no surety of resources usage. Online Shopping stores and ecommerce websites also need VPS hosting because they usually have large number of high resolution images to display products. If your project or application is receiving healthy number of visitors each day, then it is the right time to switch your shared hosting to VPS.

  • KVM Virtualization
  • Linux Root Access
  • Multiple Locations
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Windows Administrator Access
  • Pure SSD / SSD Boosted
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fast Provision
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Pay in PKR or USD

Best VPS Plans

Low Priced Packages

PKDOMAIN.com.pk is well distinguished from other local domain hosting companies due to its best quality services at lowest prices. If you are looking for more resources at low cost then it is the right time for you to select PKDOMAIN for your project. Our rates are cheapest in the marker whether you choose Linux or Windows VPS. You can compare our allocated resources and prices with other companies. Our rates are best in the market and our services are of international standards. So buy today your desired VPS and have more speed, security and control over your projects.

Core(s) Space RAM Bandwidth ISP Port Price/Mo
02 300 GB SSD-boosted 4GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 21.9 ORDER
04 700 GB SSD-boosted 10GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 34.95 ORDER
06 1400 GB SSD-boosted 20GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 45.95 ORDER
04 200 GB 100% SSD 8GB Unlimited 200 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
06 400 GB 100% SSD 16GB Unlimited 400 Mbit/s USD 39.95 ORDER
08 800 GB 100% SSD 30GB Unlimited 600 Mbit/s USD 59.95 ORDER
10 1600 GB 100% SSD 60GB Unlimited 1000 Mbit/s USD 89.95 ORDER

Some applications need to be operated remotely so for that purpose you will need a VPN or Remote Desktop to browse data so Virtual servers can be used for this type of hosting to, serve the data to the end user remotely, or to run your application remotely. PKDOMAIN.com.pk has introduced cheapest VPS Server hosting in Pakistan to fulfil the virtualization needs of local and overseas Pakistanis. It is an advanced type of hosting and most of the webmasters and internet users are not aware about how virtual machines work, so if you need any assistance or information then feel free to contact our support team. Our technical team is very friendly and experienced you can also discuss with us your required specs, configuration and if you need any customized VPS solution. We guarantee you with VPS server hosting Pakistan you get complete control and all the assigned resources which you will buy from us will be utilized solely by your website or application. We are providing Germany and USA based Pure SSD Virtual machines which are virtualized by modern virtualization technique KVM to ensure maximum stability of your online work.

Are you Looking for Pakistan Based VPS?

If you are more concerned about the location of VPS. Need Virtualization solutions from Deta Center physically located in PK. Then we have perfect solutions to fulfill all your business hosting needs. We are providing Pakistan based VPS Server to our clients. With root access and administration control our Linux and Windows virtualization machines are of great use for business owners. Although their are not much facilities available in Pakistan but still we have managed to provide you Tier III facilities, 99.9% uptime with fast internet connection. Buy Cheap Price Windows VPS with Pak based IPV4, with administrator control you have complete control on the machine. You can install any softwares essential for your project and can do custom configuration to make it more compatible with your complex applications. Linux OS allows you to install WHM/cPanel controls. We are offering all the commonly used operating systems. We use modern virtualization KVM technique to provide more stability. PAK based VPS Servers are of great use to deliver data to Pakistan based internet users at light thundering speed. When data is provided from the nearest possible DCs the latency rate decrease and it provides better user experience thus can help in improvement of SERP ranking.

  • KVM / OpenVZ
  • Root Access
  • Controlled Prices
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Easy Management
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Windows VPS
  • cPanel VPS
Pakistan Based VPS

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS which is commonly known as Virtual Private Server is a kind of web hosting solution provided by hosting companies. Like dedicated server and shared hosting, it is a type of hosting in which you can host your site and content on the world wide web. E-service providers that offer VPS hosting have the physical servers which are virtually allocated to a specific number of users.

How is VPS Hosting Different from Shared Hosting?

In Shared hosting the physical resources of the server are shared between a large number of users. You do not have freedom of customization or guaranteed bandwidth. Whereas in Virtual Private Server the server is virtualized into several virtual machines, and you have freedom of customization, and guaranteed bandwidth. All the allocated resources are yours, and no other user on the server will use or share them with you.

How to Order VPS in Pakistan?

We have created several packages by keeping in mind the requirements of clients. You can choose any plan according to your requirements which fit best with your needs. You can also discuss with our experienced technical team if you need any help regarding selection of vps plan. Select any package and proceed with the order, while placing order you can select other elements which you will want us to install in your server such as Control Panel etc. After placing the order you will receive the invoice on your email account, make the payment of your services via bank account, mobile payment methods or PayPal.

Security of VPS Servers?

If we talk about the security of the servers, then we can tell you that we have taken all the precautionary measures to make the servers most secure, but this security is mostly relevant to networking side, so you can say it is half job done, and you can make your server more secure by installing necessary softwares, operating system and by installing interface level security setup.

Need Managed or Unmanaged Virtual Server?

Initial configuration is free which is required to be done before provision of VPS, so all our plans are semi-managed. After provision only hard reboots and re-installations are included in our service. On the other hand it is solely responsibility of the client to make your machine more secure by installing necessary addons, softwares. You always have the option to make your virtual machine more secure with patching and upgrading softwares and operating systems and with installment of malware detector softwares and installing firewall. If you want us to manage your services, then our technical teams are always available there to provide you management services. So place your managed vps server hosting order today to enjoy completely hassle free services.

When will i get my order Credentials?

Our services are really fast, so we make sure that you get the services which you have ordered as quickly as possible. Although the server setup does not take much time, and we process the order within now time. Within 24 hours of order placement and payment confirmation your order will be delivered to you in the form of server credentials with welcome message in your email.

Need cPanel VPS?

Yes we provide cPanel VPS server. So when you select a plan, and order server with cPanel our technical team will install and activate cPanel/WHM for you. In short if you will order VPS with cPanel installation, you will get one with cPanel installed and ready to use.

How to Migrate Website from Old Provider?

Transferring website from VPS and Dedicated server is much easier and you can do this yourself by using our migration tools. We have complete guidance for this purpose and you can understand the process by watching the video or reading article. But if you want to move your website from shared hosting to Virtual server then it is a little tough job then needs to be done by some technical expert. We can guide you if you need assistance in the form of article and videos, but if you are more concerned about the data and want uninterrupted transfer with least downtime then you can this responsibility to our technical team and can buy a managed VPS hosting plan. With just a minimal fee your data will be securely transferred to your newly purchased VPS machine.

Cheap Virtual Private Server in Pakistan

Local VPS Server company is a blessing for those resellers, webmasters and IT companies which are paying heavy cost of servers in USDs to foreign companies. One thing is the cost of the server, but when you make the payment in foreign currency the conversion rate makes things more expensive for you, and the other things which add more weightage to your bill is the Credit Card processing fee. It is one of the main reasons Pakistani webmasters growth is slow as compare to rest of the world, because they do not have the facility of International Payment gateway such as Paypal and when they purchase things online through local baning system they have to pay over charged bills due to several factors involved in this transaction. So all those companies and websites which are yet in the evolving phase, which cannot afford the high costs of dedicated resources are advised to try PKDOMAIN local VPS server company. We are providing extensive resources and powerful hardware with super fast ISP port. You can compare the resources of our plans with rest of the market. Then you will realize our prices are cheapest in the market. We beilieve in the growth of our clients, and understand it completely that products and services shall be affordable for all users. Our company is perfectly suitable for all kinds companies, if your company or business website is at starting stage you can try our entry level virtual private server plan. Although all our packages have wonderful features and good quantity of Bandwidth, RAM, Cores along with other specs but we have special load intensive high specs which are perfectly suitable to run your own web hosting company. So if you are a web designer or currently running a software house and have some clients you can buy a VPS and start selling web hosting too, to your clients. This way you can increase profit of your business. It is very easy to manage Virtual server, but for your ease and comfort we are also providing managed VPS solutions at minimal cost.

Virtualization with Windows or Linux

It does not matter either you need Windows based VPS or you want Linux based virtual private server in Pakistan. We have complete solutions to meet the needs of all types of business. From our company you can get different versions of Windows Server license at affordable rates. If we talk about Linux based operating systems then let me tell you that we have we offer several commonly used different versions of Linux based operating systems. First analyze and do little research or contact with us so our technical experts can guide you well that how much resources and what kind of operating system will work best with your website or application. Once you have decided about the required resources, operating system and physical location just place the order and make payment, soon after we receive the payment our technical experts will start preparing your ordered dedicated virtual hosting platform. Mostly webmasters and business owners are not aware of the skills required to understand networking and management tools of this kind of hosting. So it is advised to take any expert from our networking and server management team to install the required addons and make the suitable environment for optimal performance of your application. Networking experts can control and manage the server with command-line, but webmasters and business owners usually do not know such language. So they need hosting control interface to manage the virtual server. Currently cPanel, Plesk Obsidian and DirectAdmin are some of the most popular web hosting management interfaces, which require no prior knowledge or experience of server management, and anyone can easily use them. So when you place order with our company, there you can select a hosting control interface of your choice, our license pricing of control panels is very affordable and reasonable. So place your order today and make payment with local or international payment gateways. Enjoy top notch services with great resources and make your business more successful online.

Extra Ordinary VPS Hosting

Our company is fulfilling the web hosting needs of large number of local and international clients since more than a decade. With quality of our services we have established good reputation in the market. With the passage of time our technical team and engineers have gathered lot of experience in the field of web hosting thus we are enable to provide you cheap Pakistan vps services of international standards. We do not compromise on the quality of services, and users satisfaction is our top most priority. That is the reason we have large number of recurring clients. Most of our new clients are those which are referred by our happy customers. The trust of people in our company and services have boosted our morals and have given us more energy to serve them in even more better ways. That is the reason we are offering VPS Pakistan with extra ordinary resources at cheapest cost in the market. With years of experience our company is far much mature than lot of new companies in this industry. We believe in serving our clients and the success of your business makes us happy. Our technical and support team is very friendly and is always available to listen you and to solve your problems and to guide you in the right direction as far as our services are concerned. We are more concerned about security, reliability, user satisfaction and encourage legal business and does not allow violation of our TOS. If you have any questions feel free to contact us through support number.

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