Pakistani Dedicated Server Hosting

Looking for a reliable way to host your website or application for Pakistani clients? Consider a Pakistan-based dedicated server!

Pakistan-based servers are a popular choice for businesses of all scales. Making the switch to Pakistan-based servers can be an excellent decision for businesses of all sizes looking to benefit from the advantages of having their data hosted locally. If you're looking to improve the performance and reliability of your online business with a dedicated server, Pakistan-based options can be a great choice. With dedicated servers tailored to businesses in Pakistan, you can benefit from local hosting and the peace of mind that comes with it!

Our services enhance your business’s online presence and make your start-up, company, or business accelerate on the road to success. We provide you with a stable platform through which you can build up your online reputation and make your business gain more customers and traffic. Visitor satisfaction is what makes you grow better and in the right direction. People immediately leave the site if a page is taking too long to load its contents. It would be a very disgusting situation if your customer is waiting for the items to be added to the cart to proceed to payment options. They might jump to other options and close the unresponded page immediately.

If you want to promote your brand locally, or if you are a company, that wants to sell your services specifically to the people of Pakistan, then it is recommended to host your website through local data centers. Our data centers are located in the beautiful city of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan so you can get the fastest, most reliable, and most mature results. The servers deployed in our data centers can handle each and every type of business and can cater to large projects easily. Some of the salient features of our services include:

  • 24//7 Supportive and friendly team
  • Affordable pricing
  • Uptime and reliability guaranteed
  • Flexible Control
  • Data Security
  • Customization to meet your business needs
  • Scalable solutions to let your Business grow
  • Local Data Center advantages
  • Complete Admin Access
  • SSD storage support
Pakistan Based Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Plans

Low Priced Packages

Core(s) Space RAM Bandwidth ISP Port Price/Mo
02 300 GB SSD-boosted 4GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 21.9 ORDER
04 700 GB SSD-boosted 10GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 34.95 ORDER
06 1400 GB SSD-boosted 20GB Unlimited 100 Mbit/s USD 45.95 ORDER
04 200 GB 100% SSD 8GB Unlimited 200 Mbit/s USD 29.95 ORDER
06 400 GB 100% SSD 16GB Unlimited 400 Mbit/s USD 39.95 ORDER
08 800 GB 100% SSD 30GB Unlimited 600 Mbit/s USD 59.95 ORDER
10 1600 GB 100% SSD 60GB Unlimited 1000 Mbit/s USD 89.95 ORDER

Cheap Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan

We have been serving our Pakistani clients to avail our cheap Pakistan-based dedicated hosting by which you can benefit from the advantages of customization to best suit your business terms. Our plans are tailored-made and suit every size of business. From the number of resources to their right allocation, choosing the OS of your choice, and installing the softwares you need, everything should be done in accordance with your orders. Our support team is always ready to assist you at every step.

Select an Operating System that best suits Your Requirements

Whether you want dedicated hosting servers to host your website or to handle your huge-sized project, we offer a variety of OS to let you feel that you are in a compatible environment. Our offers include all the popular and latest OSs that are most trending and demanding in the Pakistan-based market. If you are not sure which OS to choose that best supports your project, ask our help desk and they will give you the best suitable advice according to your software requirements described by you. Some of the popular OS we are offering include:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Fedora

Power Up Your Projects with Our Local DC Dedicated Server in Pakistan

Data mining, hosting services, virtualized computing, and any other application requiring the utmost power and long-term stability, are all perfect fits for our dedicated servers. You can use our dedicated hosting for the following use cases:

As a Development Platform

Our Pakistan-based data centers hold bare metal hardware that can handle heavy-traffic websites and applications. By deploying our dedicated servers as your development platform, you can achieve an unbeatable experience with high efficiency, resilience, and reliability. We provide our users complete freedom by giving them full root access to their dedicated servers.

E-commerce websites

Diving into the pool of e-commerce, people are expecting that the website or application will respond as faster as they imagine to fulfill their request. Our dedicated hosting is a perfect fit for such type of e-commerce stores which holds huge data and inventory to be displayed in a superior time. The plus of the capital DC makes it possible to achieve a marvelous experience with low to no latency issues and greater uptime. The servers are enough capable to provide the required power and stability your e-commerce store needs.

A good Host for a Game Server

The basic requirement and motive for the game servers are that gamers get so much for a little price to be paid. Either it is the resources, their scalability options, great uptime, zero lagging issues, or you can say a game server wants a complete package in terms of performance and pricing. That is what we bring to our Pakistani gamers. We are providing dedicated hosting for gaming purposes too at cheap rates with tailor-made options available. You can select powerful processors, with huge and easily expandable capacity, that give you the best environment to run your huge games that require more resources.

For Huge Data Applications

Our Pakistan-dedicated hosting is capable of managing huge applications with large-size data because we use the most recent and updated core hardware and processors that give the best network uptime. Other service providers in Pakistan won’t match our level of performance and affordability. Our highly powered and speedy IO dedicated servers can handle your big data analytics and huge databases website in no time.

Act as a Shared Hosting

Thinking to host your multiple startup websites on our single dedicated server? Or want to rent out small spaces of your dedicated server to other low-medium traffic websites to earn some bucks from them? Our dedicated servers are the best fit to run your dedicated server as a shared hosting server. Our team is always present at the location to make sure that your website is getting the maximum loading times.

For Applications that require Exceptional Functionality

Dedicated hosting servers are popularly known for their high performance. That is why they are the best fit for applications that are striving for exceptional performance, flexibility, agility, and availability. Our bare metal servers can handle such applications nicely and smoothly. All the hardware used at our local data center located in Islamabad for such applications is of high performance that can cater to such huge applications.

Pakistan Based Dedicated Servers

We provide the finest dedicated hosting plans with the fastest loading time and the highest levels of protection. In addition to offering the greatest and most elite hosting services, buying a dedicated server from us in Pakistan will also come with a number of wonderful 'package boosters' features. With one of our dedicated server hosting plans, you can affordably purchase versatile server configurations, storage choices, and root access for total control.

Our dedicated hosting plan is also what every website owner seeks in a host because we are one of the top dedicated server hosting providers in Pakistan, have excellent customer service, built-in security, and an incredibly user-friendly control panel.

The best feature is that we provide amazingly affordable costs in Pakistan for our clients' dedicated server hosting, which is both dependable and powerful. Buy a dedicated server from us if you're wondering how to maintain your company website running properly while paying less and having exclusive access to the server and its resources!

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