Web Hosting in Peshawar

To bring a website online you atleast need two things. One Domain and 2nd Web Hosting. So if you are looking for Cheap Hosting in Peshawar to host your business online then you can try our services. .PK DOMAIN is one of the best Web Hosting Company in Peshawar. It is providing Fast, Reliable, Affordable and Cheap Linux (PHP based) and Windows (ASP.net) Web Hosting Packages at same prices. So it does not matter your application, software or website is built with what coding type or technology, we have perfect solutions to meet your all hosting requirements. PK DOMAIN is providing Shared Hosting, Email Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server solutions at economical prices. If you are new to blogging and have not much experience about how to built a website online then we will recommend you to start with Shared Hosting plan, if you are experienced and have a well known startup then VPS hosting can be best choice for you. If you want to create an online store or ecommerce website, or a company website which requires special hosting environment, means special addons, hardwares and softwares, with extra security then Dedicated Server could be the best choice. Our servers are located in one of the most secured data centers in USA, Netherlands etc. We can also provide you Pakistan Based hosting but that is little bit more expensive. So if you are concerned with Fast loading speed of website, for this purpose you shall try a web hosting company which offers low latency. If you have any questions then feel free to contact our customer support through email or mobile number. Order today your domain hosting to start blogging or bring your business online and target massive internet audience to increase your sales and profit, it helpe in rapid growth of your business.

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Web Hosting in Peshawar

Web Hosting Peshawar

Plans and Pricing

1000MB FREE 25GB 10 0 05 MySql Rs.1299/1Yr ORDER
5000MB FREE 60GB 75 0 10 MySql / MSSQL Rs.2100/1Yr ORDER
10000MB FREE 100GB 100 01 15 MySql / MSSQL Rs.3300/1Yr ORDER
50GB FREE 150GB 150 02 25 MySql / MSSQL Rs.4299/1Yr ORDER
100GB FREE Unlimited Unlimited 04 Unlimited MySql / MSSQL Rs.5800/1Yr ORDER
200GB FREE Unlimited Unlimited 08 Unlimited MySql / MSSQL Rs.7500/1Yr ORDER

Domain Registration in Peshawar

PKDOMAIN.COM.pk is not providing just top quality hosting, it is also among one of the best domain registration companies, as you can purchase from us a domain name in all available local, international, country code, generic, special and new domain extensions at discounted prices. So now you do not need to go to any other website to get your Domain Registration. We are here to assist you and to serve you with all the IT related services which are required to bring and boost your business online. We are offering special low prices for .COM, .PK. .COM.pk, .EDU.pk, .GOV.pk domain extensions. To enjoy the complete ownerships benefits and to keep the privacy on your ownership details we have perfect solutions for you.

Domain Registration Peshawar
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