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Welcome to PKDOMAIN.COM.pk, PK Domain is one of the best Web Hosting Company in Rawalpindi. If you are looking for Affordable, Fast and Cheap Hosting in Rawalpindi then you can purchase it from PKDomain. We are offering Linux (PHP based) and Windows (ASP.NET) based web hosting packages at same prices. So it does not matter your website or application is built with which coding language or technology we have complete solutions to host your business online. To cut off extra price and make hosting really inexpensive for you our technical team has created best web hosting plans for Fast Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions. If you are newbie then we will recommend you to try shared hosting it is low cost and fullfill most of your needs, if you have an established website or business which have enough traffic then you shall go with VPS option and if you want to host company website which have heavy traffic or need special softwares and hardwares for proper functioning of apps or softwares or to build special environment for your business website and need extra security then Dedicated Server is the best option for you. If you have any questions then feel free to consult with our support team. Our servers are located in USA, Canada, Netherlands in worlds most secured Data Centers. With relatively low letancy rate your website will load faster, so try today our Fast web Hosting to bring your website online.

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Web Hosting in Rawalpindi

Web Hosting Rawalpindi

Plans and Pricing

1000MB FREE 25GB 10 0 05 MySql Rs.1299/1Yr ORDER
5000MB FREE 60GB 75 0 10 MySql / MSSQL Rs.2100/1Yr ORDER
10000MB FREE 100GB 100 01 15 MySql / MSSQL Rs.3300/1Yr ORDER
50GB FREE 150GB 150 02 25 MySql / MSSQL Rs.4299/1Yr ORDER
100GB FREE Unlimited Unlimited 04 Unlimited MySql / MSSQL Rs.5800/1Yr ORDER
200GB FREE Unlimited Unlimited 08 Unlimited MySql / MSSQL Rs.7500/1Yr ORDER

Domain Registration in Rawalpindi

PKDOMAIN.COM.pk is also offering Cheapest domain registration services. So if you want to register a domain name in any available gTLDs, ccTLDs, New or Special domain extension then we highly recommend you to register your domain today with us. We are providing Domain Registration at low cost. With complete ownership, means all the domains are registered on the information provided by our clients while submitting the order. You can also use the WHOIS protection shield to hide your ownership details of Generic Top Level Domains such as .COM, .NET, .ORG etc. All .PK and .COM.PK domains have default WHOIS protection by PKNIC. To know more about domain names and their prices kindly visit the relevant section of website.

Domain Registration Rawalpindi

Best Hosting in Rawalpindi

Web Hosting Company in Rawalpindi - Pindi a well known city in Pakistan, which is located adjacent to Pakistan's capital Islamabad is named as Rawalpindi and is located in the province of Punjab. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are two joint cities and also known as twin cities on account of strong economic and social strings between cities. It is the 4rth largest city in Pakistan and larger Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the 3rd largest in the country. It is located on the Pothohar Plateau which is well known for ancient Buddhist heritage and is neighbouring to town of Taxila. During Mahmud Ghazni invasion this city was destroyed , later on in 1943 it was taken over by Gakhars. In 1976 the Gakhars ruler was defeated by sikhs, and the city became a major city under Sikh empire based in Lahore.

Web Hosting Company in Rawalpindi

Cheap Hosting in Rawalpindi - In 1849 it fell to Brish Raj and in 1851 it became the largest garrison town of British Indian Army. After independence the city became home to Pakistan Army headquarters and have got the title as a major military city. In 1961 Islamabad became the national capital city which lead to greater investment in Rawalpindi. Now Rawalpindi City is now socially and economically connected with Islamabad and have the greater metropolitan area. As it is connected to M-1 and M-2 and is home to Benazir Bhutto International Airport, so it serves as major logistics and transportation centre for northern Pakistan. There are many historical temples and havelis in this city and is a major attraction for tourists visiting Azad Kashmir, Rohtas Fort and Gilgit Baltistan. 27% of children in Rawalpindi attend private schools. Education standard is good in this city, thus a class 5 student can read sentences in English in this city. 97.4% of children in developed areas of Rawalpindi district are enrolled in school, which is the 3rst highest percentage in Pakistan after Islamabad and Karachi.

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